Tax Planning & Advisory

Every business owner sees Tax Liabilities as limiting factors to business growth. How to minimize such liabilities remains a source of concern to business owners. From experience, we have seen companies paying huge amount either as tax Liability or Public Relations (PR) to offset tax matters with relevant tax Authorities.

Minimization of tax Liabilities within the confines of tax laws and ensuring compliance without negatively affecting the growth of our Client’s businesses is our main objective in our tax services.

Our tax Services ranging from Companies Income Tax to Personal Income Tax are as outlined below:

  1. Companies Income tax registration with Federal Inland Revenue Service(FIRS)
  2. Personal Income Tax registration with State Inland Revenue Service
  3. Representation during FIRS and LIRS tax audit Exercise.
  4. Providing representation in the Federal Internal Revenue Service on Tax Matters.
  5. Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) management
  6. Processing and obtaining Tax Clearance Certificate from FIRS
  7.  Computation of Companies Income Tax, PAYE, VAT and WHT Tax Liabilities.
  8. Filling of various Tax Forms.
  9. Tax identification Number (TIN) application Processing.
  10. Legitimate minimization of tax liabilities through appropriate tax avoidance Schemes and professional tax planning.

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