Accounting Systems Design & Implementation

OGBE & CO. (Chartered Accountants) is fully aware that achievement of any corporate objectives and business growth is largely dependent on good business decisions which are largely dependent on its management and financial information systems. A poorly designed accounting and Control systems slow down business decisions and could equally lead business executives into making wrong business choices.

We understand that business executives need timely, accurate and reliable Information for planning and taking the right decisions for business growth.

Therefore, we provide the following Accounting Services to meet our Client’s accurate and reliable information needs:

  1. Design and automation of accounting Systems (Cloud & Desktop), using appropriate Technology considering our Client’s nature of business.
  2. Installation of preventive internal/financial Controls systems for reliable financial information and restricting unauthorized access to Company’s financial records.
  3. Networking of Accounts/Finance Department to enable accounts Personnel access Company Files simultaneously and restricting unauthorized access to Company’s files.
  4. Preparation of annual Accounts.
  5. In – house Training for Accountants on the use of automated accounting Systems.
  6. Review and upgrading of existing accounting systems to meet international Financial Reporting Standard.

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